→ At what temp does glass melt?

  • 2,300 degrees

→ At what temp do you blow glass?

  • 2,000 degrees

→ How long have you been blowing glass?

  • 30 years

→ What is the process after you finish the piece?

  • You have to anneal the piece in the annealing oven to stabalize the molecules in the glass so it won't crack

→ What is glass made out of?

  • 60% silica sand and 40% fluxes

→ What makes the different colors of glass?

  • Different minerals make differenct colors of glass. Cobalt is blue, copper carbonate is green, and manganese dioxide is purple.

→ Can the tumblers go into the Dishwasher?

  • Yes! The tumblers will be safe washed in the dishwasher.